Time to Write !

Alright, now that we've got things back together, we've started writing new songs.
So far, we have half a dozen of new tunes ready for the new album,
and more should be written in the next few weeks/months. 

Free show @ Tielt

Tomorrow, 26th of March,  we'll officially introduce our new bassplayer Brecht with a show in his hometown Tielt.
Show starts at 22h, @ De Keet (Bruggestraat, Tielt). Free entrance!

Fast & Furious!

Our first show with our new bassplayer Brecht went quite alright; fast & furious!
This Saturday, 19th of March, we'll be playing on a cool punkfest with bands such as Fleas & Lice, (NL) Usual Suspects & Kezus Krijst (NL), to name but a few.  Should be great!

First show with new line-up!

This Saturday we'll be playing our first show with the new line-up.
Place to be: Zaal Edma, Vorselaar.
Time schedule:
20u Generation zero
21u Mise*En*Scene
22.30u Black Tartan Clan
00.30u Hard Resistance