December 2012

Happy Sinterklaas everyone!

The last stretch to 2013, one more show before we fully concentrate on recording our next album, and what a show it will be... Not only will we play alongside THE KIDS, but we'll also have a drummer named Bavo behind our drumkit, who will replace Brahim (who's recovering from his knee injury).
We've been trying to do the impossible, getting Bavo to play a full playlist in only a few rehearsals, but we gotta say, the guy's doing great. Props to him for helping us out on this one!!!

Once Brahim is fully recovered, we will record album #3,  yes, we will...

November 2012

We just got back from a fun mini-tour through Germany & Czech Republic. First time with Maarten on board of the tourbus, good times! Thanks to all involved for making this happen, good times indeed...

A handful of shows left for this year, the idea of a 'special show' to celebrate the 10th year of resurrection of this band still is boiling in our minds. We'll keep you posted about this one, because we really want this to be something special.

And of course the recording of our new album has been given a lot of thought recently. Releasedate (early 2013), artwork & package, medium (CD/vinyl/digital)... Hopefully we'll get everything recorded by the end of this year, so we can offer a preview soon.

October 2012

My oh my... has it been that long? I mean, thaaaaat long?
In October 2002, 4 kids collectively known as 'M*E*S', played its very first show in the Frontline (Ghent) alongside The Divisive, our friends from Finland with whom we released a split-album in December 2002. We only had been rehearsing with the band -consisting of original members Guido & Qrizz and newbies Bjorn & Jacob- for a couple of months. It must have been around May 2002 that we officially re-started the band & started rehearsing again.

There have been a few changes in our line-up over the years: currently we have drummer #3, bassplayer #3 (or even #5 if you count since the very beginning), and keyboardplayer #1 aboard, but the very core of the band always remained the same; have a positive outlook in a sometimes 'negative' scene, and -most of all- (try to) make music straight from the heart, without restrictions nor boundaries.
There's an old saying (I believe it's a Chinese one) that goes: 'Once a MesPunk, Always a MesPunk', so big up to all MesPunx past & present.

Thanx to each & everyone involved for your continued support, here's to the next 10 years :)

Bjorn, Qrizz, Jonez, Maarten, Brahim

PS; we'll be playing in Germany & Czech Rep soon...
PPS: we're still working on our next album, prepare for some crazy stuff!
PPPS: PPPPS'ses suck ;)

September 2012

Still writing stuff for the new album! It's gonna be a double-album, I'm telling ya! :)

August 2012

In July, we performed twice as a 4 piece outfit, opting not to hire a 'replacement' for Jones' temporary absence. But between you & us... it just sounds so much better when our keyboardplayer is around. ;)

Now that Maarten is fully integrated into the band, we started, well... 'continued' writing new stuff for our upcoming album. Without giving away too much, this will definitely be our most 'adventurous' release so far. Some pre-production and demo-tracking will be made in the next following weeks, perhaps we'll give a sneak preview of some of the stuff we're working on. Around September perhaps...?

July 2012

So, we're back in business... The 'try-out' show in Le Quesnoy, France was great. Thanx to our friends for sharing a craaaaazy busride with us. Great to play alongside our mates in Sinners & Working Class, and to meet 'the French connection' again.

Rain spoiled a lot during the Brieljant Outside Festival, we kinda wished to offer Maarten a warmer & dryer welcome to Deinze, but what the heck. Some dance in the rain, others just get wet, innit?

Next up, a show with our friends in Funeral Dress (Heule) and a cool skatefest (Waregem) to finish July with. Come to think of it, this must one of the rare times that we won't be touring Europe around this time of the year.

Enjoy your Summer!!

June 2012

Eager as a new or young band, anxious to play its very first show. That's how we all feel, after a (half-forced) 8 months break. We all look forward to hit the stage(s) again, and finally get some new songs out. We're happy to announce our very first shows of 2012. Heads up, we're back!

May 2012

Contrary to what some believe, we're still alive & kicking. Well, at least 4 of the 5 M*E*S-members are 'kicking'. Our drummer Brahim is still recovering from his 2nd knee-operation (yeah, a knee is an essential part of the body when it comes to playing the drums, so we were told...). We hope he will be behind his drumkit again to rock out with us asap.
This isn't exactely the most exciting period in the history of M*E*S, but thanx for all the support Brahim/we received lately!

And before we forget; we just launched a bandcamp thingie... Seems like this is quite a useful tool, so here it is:

In our next update, we will announce the shows for this summer, we're all looking forward to play our first show since November last year!!

April 2012

Alright, we stick to our intentions to update this at least once every month... Unfortunately, not with the update we initially wanted to give (new shows etc)...
Brahim - our beloved drummer - hurt his knee badly, which makes it quite impossible for him to drum to our partyhardy skankin' punky beats. As amusing (well...) as rehearsing with virtual drumloops prove to be, we hope our brother will fully recover soon!
Bassplayerwise, Maarten managed to learn around 15 songs in a few weeks time.

We hope to play our very first shows of 2012  somewhere around July... 

MARCH 2012

Het is al 'n paar maanden stil rond M*E*S. In november 2011 speelden we onze laatste show, en eind januari startten we met de voorbereidingen van ons nieuwe album, de opvolger van 'Wild As Angels'. We hebben dus geenszins stil gezeten, al hebben we in tussentijd nog een kleine verandering aan onze line-up doorgevoerd. Brecht, die ons een jaar lang van fijne baslijntjes voorzag, meerde af als bemanningslid van ons piratenschip. Graag willen we Brecht hierbij bedanken & veel suxxes toewensen!

Gelukkig kwamen we net in die aanmeerperiode iemand tegen die ook vorig jaar even in de running was om bassist bij ons fijn(zinnig) orkestje te worden. Helaas verhinderde tijdsgebrek dat toen, maar nu kunnen we toch met veel tromgeroffel, confetti en slingers onze nieuwste aanwinst Maarten voorstellen. Met deze gemotiveerde kickass bassplayer aan boord, zetten we de voorbereidingen voor ons derde full-album verder.
Binnenkort maken we onze eerste showtjes voor 2012 bekend, met uiteraard de eerste show waar we onze nieuwe aanwinst officieel opnemen in de M*E*S-family en -hopelijk- ook al 'n voorproefje van het nieuwe album kunnen laten horen.


Bjorn, Qrizz, Jonez, Brahim, Maarten aka M*E*S

Loooooong time since you heard anything about the M*E*S-punx, right?
It's been a few months since we've played our last show (November 2011). At the end of January, we started writing new stuff for our next album, the successor of 'Wild As Angels'. In the meantime, a small change in our line-up had to be realized. Brecht, who provided us with some damn fine basslines since February 2011, moored off from our 'lil pirate ship. We hereby would like to thank Brecht for everything & wish him all the best!

Lucky for us, Maarten stepped forward as our new bassplayer. We're both proud and excited to have this motivated, kickass bassplayer aboard.
Soon we'll announce our first shows of 2012, including the first show with Maarten on bass, and hopefully some new songs of the upcoming album.


Bjorn, Qrizz, Jonez, Brahim, Maarten aka M*E*S

* 2012 *

Alright! Now Qrizz is back from his adventurous journey through Central-America, it's time to pick up where we left off!

We've been listening to the demo-session we've recorded last year.
These (nine) songs actually sound quite OK, taking in consideration that we've only spent a few hours recording this. Most of these songs were included in our setlist loooong time ago.  So no 'new-new'-stuff, but with so many ideas floating around in our rehearsal room, we should have some more songs ready in a few weeks time. As soon as this stuff is molded into songs, we'll start to think of recording them for 'real', for our 3rd full album.
We strongly believe this could be the best stuff we've ever written (just a feeling though, based upon the crazy dancemoves that were expressed by certain bandmembers while listening to the first demos...). Hopefully all things will work out fine, so that we can present you this album somewhere around late-mid-2012.

2012... Besides the fact that this world is goin' to hell (if we can take the Maya's predictions for granted...), this is also a special year for M*E*S. It's been 10 years since we've resurrected this band. In May 2002, we started rehearsing again after a 2 years break, playing our first 'new' show in October 2002. And the train kept on rollin' ever since. We haven't decided yet if we're going to celebrate this, but if you know the M*E*S-keteers/partyharders a little bit, well, chances are that there might be some crazy fucked up birthday-show-party to remember this.

Let's talk shows;  we had to cancel a few of our upcoming shows (sorry 'bout this, we hope we can make up for this some time later). There was also a short stint in Russia in the works, but one that fell through... for now. Hopefully we can rock Moscow some other time!!! First shows of 2012 will be announced shortly.

Have a Great & Rockin' 2012, see you around!!

Bjorn * Qrizz * Jonez * Brahim * Brecht