M*E*S is:

Bjorn: lead vocals
Qrizz: guitar & vocals
Maarten: bass & vocals
Brahim: drums
Jones: keyboard & funny noises
Nand: Saxophone
Manu: Trombone & Trumpet

Started off in 1995, more than 17 years later we're still Alive:
having toured throughout all of Europe (26 countries & counting!)+ Westcoast USA,
disturbing peace & quiet wherever we go :D


1995: a few kids from Deinze decide to form a band. Here we go!

M*E*S line-up: Koen (vocals), Fré (bass), Qrizz (guitar), Guido (drums)
okt. '96; first show M*E*S @ KSA Deinze

1997: Fré leaves the band

1998: Vik joins M*E*S as new bassplayer

1999: recording of our first Demo-CD

2000: last show for M*E*S @ Pane & Amore, Gent

2000-2002: HIATUS

2002: reincarnation of M*E*S.
- May: BJORN (Vocals) and JACOB (Bass) join the band
- Oct. 2nd: first show with the new line-up
- Nov : Release of split-album with The Divisive (Finland)

- The Dirty Scene Tour, playing all over Belgium w/ The Dirty Scums
- Sept 21st: first show abroad w/ ANTI-FLAG (London, UK)

- Feb 14th: supporting CONFLICT (London, UK)
- July: first tour (Germany + Czech Rep)
- Sept: release of 'Let the Good Times Roll'
- Nov: first full UK tour

- JEFF replaces Guido on drums
- recording of 'Colors of the Night EP'
- appearance @ WASTED Festival
- March: 10 years M*E*S w/The FILAMENTS
- July: tour in 7 European countries (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Rep, Germany
- Nov: another UK-tour

- July: tour in Romania w/ Molotov Cocktail
- September: appearance @ MELKWEG (Wasted Festival)
- Nov: UK-tour

- May: appearance @ MELKWEG (Wasted Festival)
- April: full UK-tour
- July: Summertour (incl. Turkey, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece etc.)

- end 2007/beginning 2008: JONES joins the band on keyboards
- Feb: demorecording new full album
- June: supporting THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM
- July: recording 'Wild As Angels' @ Metway Studio, Brighton (UK)
- end: releasing 'Wild As Angels' in Belgium

- Jan: UK/worldwide release of Wild As Angels
- April: Westcoast USA-tour (w/ FUNERAL DRESS)
- Dec: Jeff leaves the band

- Jan: last show of Jeff on drums
- Feb: auditions
- March: BRAHIM joins M*E*S on drums
- April: rehearsing, rehearsing
- Summer: tour in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Czech Rep, Ukraine
- Late 2010: Jacob leaves M*E*S

- Jan: JELLE replaces Jacob on bass for the time being
- Feb: BRECHT joins M*E*S as our new bassplayer
- March/April: writing new songs for our 3rd full album
- July: tour in Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Luxembourg
- Aug/Sept: Summer-Hiatus
- Nov: demo-recordings for the new album / Hibernation

- Jan: End of Hibernation, start working on album #3
- March: MAARTEN replaces Brecht on bass
- April-May-June: rehearsing, rehearsing...
- July: first show in 8 months
- Nov: preproduction for the new EP
- Dec: recording drum+bass+guitar for the new EP

- Jan: recording vocals + keyboard
- Feb: release of Crazy Man on the Run, first track from the upcoming EP
- Aug: recording session #2
- Sep/Oct: NAND (sax) and MANU (trombone, trumpet) have been recruited