Last announcement for 2011

We finished off with some cool shows in Waregem & Deinze... Great to end 2011 like this! Thanx to everyone who was there!!

This weekend, the pre-production for the new album has started, which means 'demos for the new album' in case you're unfamiliar with 'pre-production' :)

In other news, guitarplayer Qrizz is leaving Belgium for a while, he's gonna tour around Central-America, and will perform a few shows on his own (& with guests) around Guatemala & Mexico. Whenever he's back, M*E*S will pick up where we left off, and will start gigging again... Some cools shows will be announced after New Year, so stay tuned!

We secretly hope to record the new album during the Spring of 2012... we're really, really excited about the new songs!

Bye Bye For Now!!

Final Shows of 2011 / beginning of 2012

This weekend we will be playing our last shows of 2011 & beginning of 2012. We'll play 2 shows on Nov. 12th: we'll be rocking the ROCKVLUCHT-festival in Waregem (17h30), and next up is the 'SNOW MUST GO ON'-benefit show in JC Brieljant, Deinze. Cool to have 2 shows to end with, near our hometown(s)...

After these shows, we'll start the pre-production of our next album, and head into hibernation.
Besides the recording & release of our 3rd full album, there's some interesting stuff going to happen in 2012, but more 'bout that after New Year!

Hope to see you around in Waregem/Deinze!


Wow, now that was great! We're talking about the show in Desselgem... One of the best Belgian shows we've played in a long while... Thanx to the great crowd... cheers! A few more shows before our hibernation takes off. Starting with what is becoming an annual event for us: a Halloween-gig. October 31 @ JH Diezie in Roeselare (starts at 20h). This will be a free show, with a 'scary' afterparty afterwards.So bring your fake/real blood, scary masks, skeletons, spiders, gothic outfit etc with ya, ok? Kurt Baker (USA, you might know the dude from the Leftovers) will also perform that night. Trick or treat!!


Tonight (14th of Oct) we'll play a show @JH Jakkedoe (Desselgem) together with The Softenon Babies (our bassplayer Brecht's other band - punkrock/garagerock) and Doctor Balls & the Pornomedics (the band of our drummer Brahim's brother - rockabilly/rock'n'roll). Hey guys, make some merch soon, will ya... we're anxious to buy some Doctor Balls-stuff... This show is part of a 48h-marathon, benefits will be donated to Make A Wish... Jh Jakkedoe, Nieuwstraat 6, Desselgem. Gig starts around 21h!

New Merch!

We nearly forgot to mention that we've got some new merch for sale! Different sizes (S, M, L, XL, hoodies and girlies). Get one of these at our shows or contact us, and we'll make sure you have your shirt in no time!!


Last Saturday, Family of Dog, one of Deinze's most famous/furious hardcore punkbands reformed for this one show only. (Well,...) It was at one of their shows, back in 1996, that M*E*S played its first show. It may come as no surprise that lots of people from back in the days attended this show. Among the crowd, almost the entire M*E*S-line-up past/present: Koen (vocals), Fré (bass), Vik (bass), Jacob (bass), Jeff (drums) and Bjorn (Vocals) + Qrizz (Guitar) + Jones (Keyboard) from the current line-up. We had a good hangout and enjoyed some good tunes.

Here We Go Again...

... well, at least, we've confirmed a few shows for October. Rehearsals should start in the next few weeks again. We can't remember that we ever took such a looooong holiday, but this all should result in new & fresh ideas!


We just got home from one of the best tours ever. We had lots of fun (especially with our tourbuddies The Horny Horses!), played in front of great, warm and enthusiastic crowds, and despite a broken window, +7000kms on the road, had a jolly good time!
Thanx to everyone involved in this, hope to see you around sooner or later again!!!
Footage of this tour (videos/pictures/reports etc) will be released in the next following weeks. We got lots of stories to tell :)

M*E*S will take a break now... We'll fully concentrate on writing new stuff for the upcoming album. As a consequence, M*E*S will only play very few shows in the following months.


Deinze !


It's been a while since we've updated this piece of WEB-Trash, but that's only because we're quite busy: writing new songs, rehearsing, and preparing our Summertour. Yeah, we'll be driving thousands of kilometers again, bringing Joy & Punkrock to whoever wants to hear some punky tunes during Summer.

As a consequence, we'll be playing only a few shows in Belgium in a long while. Tomorrow (Friday 17th of June), we will play a free show in our hometown DEINZE. ELPEE is the place to hang out. We'll include some new songs, and older songs we haven't played in a while in our setlist. See you around!


Last weekend, we played a show in Carolo-Town (= Charleroi). It was great to meet up with some of our friends there!
We also brought a remarkable guest with us: our former drummer Jeff replaced Brecht on the bass for this show. And we think he did quite well.

In other news, we had to cancel our tour in Northern-Europe. Bummed about that one, because we were looking forward to play in Denmark & Sweden (and Germany), but we hope we only had to postpone this, and that we'll go North someday soon.

Instead of going abroad, we're gonna play two local shows (Deinze & Ghent) with DIVADROID .

Live Session @ Urgent Radio

We've recorded a live session for Urgent Radio yesterday. We focussed on new songs, which haven't been recorded so far. So here it is, the way it was recorded, late at night, straightforward, no overdubs or anything, just pure'n'raw M*E*S. Enjoy!

Mise en Scene | Live @ Rommelkot by Official

Writing & Writing !

As ideas and inspiration keep floating around, new songs are being written in no time it seems.
It's been a while since we wrote new tunes, but the process of songwriting is going smoothly; everybody comes up with new  ideas & riffs, and this 'no boundaries'-approach makes us experiment thoroughly with all kinds of rhythms & influences. Beware, beware! :D

Furthermore, we've reworked some of the 'older' new songs, and have already written 3 new tunes so far and about 3 or 4 more songs are waiting to get finalized.  We hope to get some of these songs into pre-production before Summer, and start recording late Fall... or something...  

Time to Write !

Alright, now that we've got things back together, we've started writing new songs.
So far, we have half a dozen of new tunes ready for the new album,
and more should be written in the next few weeks/months. 

Free show @ Tielt

Tomorrow, 26th of March,  we'll officially introduce our new bassplayer Brecht with a show in his hometown Tielt.
Show starts at 22h, @ De Keet (Bruggestraat, Tielt). Free entrance!

Fast & Furious!

Our first show with our new bassplayer Brecht went quite alright; fast & furious!
This Saturday, 19th of March, we'll be playing on a cool punkfest with bands such as Fleas & Lice, (NL) Usual Suspects & Kezus Krijst (NL), to name but a few.  Should be great!

First show with new line-up!

This Saturday we'll be playing our first show with the new line-up.
Place to be: Zaal Edma, Vorselaar.
Time schedule:
20u Generation zero
21u Mise*En*Scene
22.30u Black Tartan Clan
00.30u Hard Resistance

M*E*S welcomes BRECHT...

Raar hoe dingen kunnen lopen... We hadden 2 personen in gedachten om de lege bassplayer-plek in te vullen. Behalve deze twee, kregen we nog wat kandidaturen binnen, maar uiteindelijk leidde een 'Golden Tip' van 2 headhunters (ahum) tot een persoon die op 'n koude winteravond ons repetitiehok betrad.  Gewapend met heel wat ervaring en enthousiasme, maar helaas zonder guitarstrap (wat 'm nog cooler maakte haha!).

En zo komt het dat we BRECHT, die je misschien kent van Nagasaki Nightmare en The Softenon Babies, begroeten als vijfde bandlid van M*E*S.

Momenteel vervult Jelle plichtsbewust nog heel eventjes de rol van bassist (thanx mate!), maar normaal gezien zullen we vanaf begin maart met onze vernieuwde line-up de binnen- en buitenlandse podia betreden.

M*E*S 2011

A New Year, a Fresh Start.

After we parted ways with our bassplayer Jacob (who we thank for over 8 years of Craziness on & off the road!!),  Jelle has been doing a great job as a 'replacement' for the time being. He learned a dozen songs in just a few days, and played his first show with us only after 2 or 3 rehearsals.  We owe this guy so much!

In the meantime, we've been auditioning bassplayers, and we'll present you our newest bandmember in the next few weeks.
Stay tuned !