Last announcement for 2011

We finished off with some cool shows in Waregem & Deinze... Great to end 2011 like this! Thanx to everyone who was there!!

This weekend, the pre-production for the new album has started, which means 'demos for the new album' in case you're unfamiliar with 'pre-production' :)

In other news, guitarplayer Qrizz is leaving Belgium for a while, he's gonna tour around Central-America, and will perform a few shows on his own (& with guests) around Guatemala & Mexico. Whenever he's back, M*E*S will pick up where we left off, and will start gigging again... Some cools shows will be announced after New Year, so stay tuned!

We secretly hope to record the new album during the Spring of 2012... we're really, really excited about the new songs!

Bye Bye For Now!!