* 2012 *

Alright! Now Qrizz is back from his adventurous journey through Central-America, it's time to pick up where we left off!

We've been listening to the demo-session we've recorded last year.
These (nine) songs actually sound quite OK, taking in consideration that we've only spent a few hours recording this. Most of these songs were included in our setlist loooong time ago.  So no 'new-new'-stuff, but with so many ideas floating around in our rehearsal room, we should have some more songs ready in a few weeks time. As soon as this stuff is molded into songs, we'll start to think of recording them for 'real', for our 3rd full album.
We strongly believe this could be the best stuff we've ever written (just a feeling though, based upon the crazy dancemoves that were expressed by certain bandmembers while listening to the first demos...). Hopefully all things will work out fine, so that we can present you this album somewhere around late-mid-2012.

2012... Besides the fact that this world is goin' to hell (if we can take the Maya's predictions for granted...), this is also a special year for M*E*S. It's been 10 years since we've resurrected this band. In May 2002, we started rehearsing again after a 2 years break, playing our first 'new' show in October 2002. And the train kept on rollin' ever since. We haven't decided yet if we're going to celebrate this, but if you know the M*E*S-keteers/partyharders a little bit, well, chances are that there might be some crazy fucked up birthday-show-party to remember this.

Let's talk shows;  we had to cancel a few of our upcoming shows (sorry 'bout this, we hope we can make up for this some time later). There was also a short stint in Russia in the works, but one that fell through... for now. Hopefully we can rock Moscow some other time!!! First shows of 2012 will be announced shortly.

Have a Great & Rockin' 2012, see you around!!

Bjorn * Qrizz * Jonez * Brahim * Brecht