Autumn 2013 - Chinese Democracy.

Chinese Democracy? Yeah, we're starting to understand why it took mr. Axl Rose 15 years to complete that album... We're almost 12 months after our first recording session, and our EP still hasn't been released. 
To our defense: new songs have been recorded (August), and - more importantly - we have extended our line-up. We recruited a full horn(y) section: welcome aboard Nand (sax), Manu (trombone, trumpet) and 'prospect' Wannes (not really sure what he plays, it looks a bit like a pressure washer, but he assured us it's definitely a trombone).

We're reworking our sound with the new guys, as soon as we're satisfied, M*E*S will start gigging again. We started booking shows for 2014, more about that in the next few weeks.

Oh, and there will be a new website/logo/etc soon! 

First rehearsal with the new recruits!

Summer 2013

2013 won't be the most active year in the existence of M*E*S, to say the least... All "how's?" and "why's?" aside, sometimes band-stuff has to be kept on hold, and priority has to be given to other things.

The recordings we did in November/December 2012 are one of those things that have been kept on hold, but we have booked some studiotime again and new recordings will be made at the end of August. Plan is to release the 3 songs from the 'Winter-session' with the 3 songs from the 'Summer-Session'. 

As you may have noticed, there are no shows booked... yet. As we're activating the band again, and mess around with our sound a bit, we also have some wild plans for 2014. We're working on perhaps the craziest thing our band has ever done... But we'll see what happens... There's a nice saying, "don't count your chickens before they're hatched". With that bit of wisdom in mind, back to studio!


June 2013

We have two shows lined up for June, both of them festival-shows (one in Aalst, the other one in our 'hometown' Wetteren).

March 2013

We finally have our EP ready! It took us more time than estimated due to circumstances (won't bother you with the details) but we proudly present you the first track of the new EP. In the next following days/weeks, we'll upload some more songs.

The first track is called Crazy Man On The Run. A song as crazy as the title suggests... This song will also feature on an international compilation as a benefit for Casa Alianza, an organisation founded to meet the needs of homeless kids in Nicaragua. Hope you like the track, here it is:

February 2013

So, where's the 'January 2013' news one might ask... Well, not much has happened M*E*S-wise during the first month of 2013. Due to various reasons, both the recording sessions & the rehearsing sessions have been slowed down. However, some of the stuff we recorded at the end of 2012 has been worked on thoroughly by our bassplayer Maarten. All hail to this man for doing an incredible job of recording & editing these songs. Bjorn has layed down his vocal parts in January, so next step is mixing & mastering, which should be completed by the end of this month.

Three brand new songs will be presented as an EP by the end of this month if all goes well.
As soon as we get the band going again, some more of these EP's will be recorded & released throughout 2013.

December 2012

Happy Sinterklaas everyone!

The last stretch to 2013, one more show before we fully concentrate on recording our next album, and what a show it will be... Not only will we play alongside THE KIDS, but we'll also have a drummer named Bavo behind our drumkit, who will replace Brahim (who's recovering from his knee injury).
We've been trying to do the impossible, getting Bavo to play a full playlist in only a few rehearsals, but we gotta say, the guy's doing great. Props to him for helping us out on this one!!!

Once Brahim is fully recovered, we will record album #3,  yes, we will...

November 2012

We just got back from a fun mini-tour through Germany & Czech Republic. First time with Maarten on board of the tourbus, good times! Thanks to all involved for making this happen, good times indeed...

A handful of shows left for this year, the idea of a 'special show' to celebrate the 10th year of resurrection of this band still is boiling in our minds. We'll keep you posted about this one, because we really want this to be something special.

And of course the recording of our new album has been given a lot of thought recently. Releasedate (early 2013), artwork & package, medium (CD/vinyl/digital)... Hopefully we'll get everything recorded by the end of this year, so we can offer a preview soon.