Autumn 2013 - Chinese Democracy.

Chinese Democracy? Yeah, we're starting to understand why it took mr. Axl Rose 15 years to complete that album... We're almost 12 months after our first recording session, and our EP still hasn't been released. 
To our defense: new songs have been recorded (August), and - more importantly - we have extended our line-up. We recruited a full horn(y) section: welcome aboard Nand (sax), Manu (trombone, trumpet) and 'prospect' Wannes (not really sure what he plays, it looks a bit like a pressure washer, but he assured us it's definitely a trombone).

We're reworking our sound with the new guys, as soon as we're satisfied, M*E*S will start gigging again. We started booking shows for 2014, more about that in the next few weeks.

Oh, and there will be a new website/logo/etc soon! 

First rehearsal with the new recruits!