May 2012

Contrary to what some believe, we're still alive & kicking. Well, at least 4 of the 5 M*E*S-members are 'kicking'. Our drummer Brahim is still recovering from his 2nd knee-operation (yeah, a knee is an essential part of the body when it comes to playing the drums, so we were told...). We hope he will be behind his drumkit again to rock out with us asap.
This isn't exactely the most exciting period in the history of M*E*S, but thanx for all the support Brahim/we received lately!

And before we forget; we just launched a bandcamp thingie... Seems like this is quite a useful tool, so here it is:

In our next update, we will announce the shows for this summer, we're all looking forward to play our first show since November last year!!