October 2012

My oh my... has it been that long? I mean, thaaaaat long?
In October 2002, 4 kids collectively known as 'M*E*S', played its very first show in the Frontline (Ghent) alongside The Divisive, our friends from Finland with whom we released a split-album in December 2002. We only had been rehearsing with the band -consisting of original members Guido & Qrizz and newbies Bjorn & Jacob- for a couple of months. It must have been around May 2002 that we officially re-started the band & started rehearsing again.

There have been a few changes in our line-up over the years: currently we have drummer #3, bassplayer #3 (or even #5 if you count since the very beginning), and keyboardplayer #1 aboard, but the very core of the band always remained the same; have a positive outlook in a sometimes 'negative' scene, and -most of all- (try to) make music straight from the heart, without restrictions nor boundaries.
There's an old saying (I believe it's a Chinese one) that goes: 'Once a MesPunk, Always a MesPunk', so big up to all MesPunx past & present.

Thanx to each & everyone involved for your continued support, here's to the next 10 years :)

Bjorn, Qrizz, Jonez, Maarten, Brahim

PS; we'll be playing in Germany & Czech Rep soon...
PPS: we're still working on our next album, prepare for some crazy stuff!
PPPS: PPPPS'ses suck ;)