July 2012

So, we're back in business... The 'try-out' show in Le Quesnoy, France was great. Thanx to our friends for sharing a craaaaazy busride with us. Great to play alongside our mates in Sinners & Working Class, and to meet 'the French connection' again.

Rain spoiled a lot during the Brieljant Outside Festival, we kinda wished to offer Maarten a warmer & dryer welcome to Deinze, but what the heck. Some dance in the rain, others just get wet, innit?

Next up, a show with our friends in Funeral Dress (Heule) and a cool skatefest (Waregem) to finish July with. Come to think of it, this must one of the rare times that we won't be touring Europe around this time of the year.

Enjoy your Summer!!